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A NEW way of gluten free Baking

Break all the rules with Mic’s Mix! No wheat, no problem- but since you are working without gluten & using whole grains, we recommend you check out our tips & tricks for success every time. 

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Quick note - Most all our recipes are interchangeable between our 3 flour blends, it's really up to you what flavor you're going for. Within each recipe you will find a suggestion for which flour we find works best. Enjoy!

Breads & Flatbreads

Check out this video with Maryl on how to make PIZZA!


Cakes & Cupcakes


quickbreads & Muffins

Bars & Scones

Crackers & Crusts

Vegan Maple Crackers so easy to make- see how!


Pies, Crisps & Cobblers