Welcome to a NEW  ERA of gluten-free baking

where exceptional nutrition meets exceptional taste, in your kitchen. 


Mic's Mix sets the bar in nutrition, as well as taste and performance when it comes to gluten-free baking flour. Our three uniques blends incorporate ancient, whole, and sprouted grains, offering a spectrum of flavor as well as allowing baked goods to turn out moist. Discover the possibilities with Mic's Mix and bake up some fun.

Who loves ya?!

flour power

Flour Power is the ultimate all-purpose baking flour, perfect for all baking needs.  This high performing workhorse is rich with complex whole grain flavors making it a great choice for breads, muffins, gravy, pizza and more! Forget about wheat...the options are limitless!

80% Whole Grains

grains & roses

Grains & Roses is our hearty buckwheat flour blend which packs a punch of flavor. This blend is great for those seeking a more robust flavor in their everyday recipes, or in any recipe that compliments a stronger flavor such as banana, maple and always a crowd favorite- chocolate! 

85% Whole Grains

Blonde beauty

Blonde Beauty is our delicious almond blend that bakes up like magic. With a slightly sweet, more subtle flavor, you can really showcase ingredients in your recipe. As well, it has a wonderful texture and bakes up lighter in color. We love making cookies, scones and cakes with this winner. 

66% Whole grains