Mic's Mix  is comprised of more protein & whole grains than ANY other leading gluten-free flour on the market today.    

Look over our nutritional panel & see for yourself!

benefits of whole grains

By utilizing 80% whole grains, including many ancient grains, Mic’s Mix Flour Power has more nutrients, whole grains, fiber and protein than any leading gluten flour mix.


What makes Mic’s Mix flour blends so great? With equal focus on taste and nutrition, each Mic’s Mix blend is comprised of 66% or more whole grains, including more complex carbs, ancient grains and protein than most other gluten free flour blends. That is why we aren’t wheat, we beat it!


The benefit of complex carbs has been widely discussed. This article clearly explains the difference between simple and complex carbs and their benefit...


gluten-free, whole grain, AND MOISt?! You bet!

Mic’s Mix makes it possible thanks to Grandma Mic. These truly delicious recipes have come to be over the course of many family vacations, celebrations and big fat messes! Voted family favorites, we hope your family enjoys them as much as ours.

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Grains & Roses

85 % Whole Grain with strong buckwheat notes. Don’t be fooled by the name, buckwheat is gluten-free! This blend adds wonderful flavor to classic recipes. Fave recipes are Banana Bread, Brownies & of course Pancakes!

Flour Power

80% Whole Grain with strong, complex whole grain flavor you’ve been missing in your breads! This blend is a great versatile flour, perfect for baking or cooking alike. Fave recipes are Breads & Pizza, but she makes a pretty dang good cake too! ;)

Blonde Beauty

66% Whole Grain plus Almond meal, this blend is light blonde in color letting your baked goods turn out bright as well as flavorful dues to it's subtle-sweet flavor. Fave recipes include cookies, cakes & scones. You definitely want this flour in your kitchen.

Check out our assortment of recipes HERE along with tips & tricks for baking with Mic's Mix. 



I use Mic’s Mix Flour Power as a replacement in any recipe that calls for wheat flour. It does not add that ‘pasty’ flavor wheat flour does and it is easier to work with. My favorite use is for homemade pan gravy.
— Michel from Hawaii
I love this flour, everything I make comes out so fantastic! My favorite thing to make is pancakes, they come out great. I make a big batch and put them in the freezer, then when I’m in a hurry, I just have to grab and heat and they are as good as the 1st day!!!
— Susan from Redwood City, California
The flavor and texture of the grains are SOOO delicious, that I am just super happy to let it shine through. This isn’t flour as a base, this is flour that can be the main, show stopping event!
— Julia from England
I love these flours... the breads and cakes come out to a perfect texture without being dry. These aren’t just limited to bread and cakes, you can make anything with these specialized gluten-free flours.
— Dana from Portland, Oregon